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Approved boarding cattery 

The Boarding Cattery « Chatil de Lomagne » started in 2007. We’re in the quiet rolling hills of Coteaux de Lomagne, less than an hour from Toulouse, Auch, Montauban and Isle Jourdain. Beaumont de Lomagne is 10 minutes away. We offer a cat taxi service.


It’s a small family-run business, purpose-built, with 12 big secure chalets and the office. Your cat will have his/her own chalet, equipped with litter tray, sneeze barriers, ladders, and platforms. We can see who is eating well, and how their digestion is performing. We ask owners to bring their cat’s bed or blanket so that familiar smells from home stay with the cat on holiday. Cats can climb or jump up high and look down and they have open views onto hedges and woodland where they can watch the birds, lizards, mice and insects.

Food dishes are either disposable or sterilised.  

The bedroom section is insulated and heated in winter. We give prescribed medication according to your (or the vet’s) instructions. This includes diabetes injections. Medical litter is available to show blood in the urine. There is a veterinary questionnaire to complete before we accept your cat. 


One cat €12

 2 cats sharing €18

 3 (maximum 4) cats sharing €24 

Prices include food, litter, toys. There is no extra charge for giving prescribed medicines although a €15 charge is made for taking your cat to the local vet. Reductions for long stay. Arrival and departure days are counted as stay days. Heating (100W infra-red) is an extra €1.80 per day. 


We can collect and deliver your cat, the taxi rate depends on the duration of stay and the distance etc. Please ask for a quote.


A veterinary questionnaire (which includes our terms and conditions) must be completed before handover. We accept neutered, vaccinated cats in good health and those on prescribed medication. We cannot take feral cats, nor cats showing any signs of an undiagnosed illness.

Cats must be flea-free on arrival, as must their bedding. 


The busiest times are during the long school holidays, especially Christmas. There are no fixed opening hours. All visits, including arrivals and departures, and if you’d like to come and inspect, are by appointment. Please phone first (fixed line only) and leave your number if we’re outside, we’ll get back to you quickly. 


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The Chatil de Lomagne is a unique and special place. We've looked all over the Pau area for a pension for our shy cat. There is nothing like Jennifer's. 
Jennifer knows the quirks and preferences of each of her guests. 

She spends time with each of them everyday (every "chalet" has a chair). The accommodations are roomy, with lots of places to climb and with a private dark area to hide and sleep in as well. The clear walls of the structure allow every cat to see outside.

We tried other pensions before we found the Chatil de Lomagne. We'd return from a trip and our cat would take several days to de-traumatize. With Jennifer, she settles in and is at home. Our cat has twice stayed for periods of two months, with no lingering stress.

There is nothing like the Chatil de Lomagne, and an added bonus is getting to visit the lovely property and catch up with Jennifer!

 Kershner family and Mita

A 12 year old customer's recommendation.

For more of Sofia's work visit her site at


SFC CETAC from the SFC Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Toulouse
UK Feline Advisory Bureau Boarding Cattery Management course
DSV 82039-ACD
Siren 495094609

Chats du Quercy

Chats de Quercy - The cat welfare charity

Bou was already 12 years old, and had been with Chats de Quercy for
just less than a year before she was adopted. Look on the adoption page to see if you can help another cat in need of a home.