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Single cat
1 cat €13 per day
Two cats sharing
2 cats €19 per day
Three cats sharing
3 cats €24 per day

We are fully booked from 10th of July to the 10th August.

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Chatil de Lomagne

Caring for your cat


Many of our boarders come from a house with a garden. They go outside to do their toilet. The owner doesn't necessarily learn too much of this aspect of his/her cat's behaviour.

Here we look carefully at the cat's litter tray. Sometimes (maybe an older male cat), we can see that the cat has not urinated, or that he has difficulties in urinating. This tells us that a vet's visit is necessary.


Sometimes we find a trace of blood, or worms in the stools, and with only one cat in the chalet, it's obvious who has the problem.

Our cat litter is vegetable-based so it can be composted.

We also have white medical litter available which shows traces of blood more easily

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We can give medications according to your instructions, or those of the vet, assuming the cat is cooperative. There is no extra charge for this. There is a veterinary questionnaire to complete before we accept your cat. We accept cats which have been vaccinated (typhus, coryza, leucose), and which are neutered. The cat should be in good health, or if not, then under on-going veterinary treatment. We may refuse to accept a cat showing signs of illness without a current veterinary diagnosis. We don't accept feral cats.

We want your cat to feel at home here... we ask owners to bring their cat's bed/blanket which has familiar smells from home (but no fleas or flea eggs).

We don't trim nails or do beauty treatments. We'll brush the cat gently if he or she likes. And clean his/her eyes.

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Summer months

Cool cat

We have added a big ventilateur/brumisateur this year to help lower the daytime temperatures. In hot weather the cats lay on the concrete floor.

A long curtain stops the sun shining on part of the adjacent corridor.

The building is 'open' on both sides, so any breeze will pass from one side to another, through the safety wire.


Your cat will have his/her own chalet, with ladders, a series of high platforms which he/she can climb/jump up onto. There are sneeze barriers between adjoining chalets which reduce the risk of respiratory infection.

Cats can see outside and watch (and hear) the birds, lizards, insects and mice.

The bedroom compartment is well insulated and heated in winter (100W IR).


Cat with 5 stars


Thanks so much for looking after Louis. I know he's in safe hands when I leave him with you.


Chatil de Lomagne is a unique special place. We've looked all over for a pension for our shy cat. There is nothing like Jennifer's. She knows the quirks and preferences of each of her guests. She spends time with each of them everyday (every chalet has a chair). The accommodations are roomy, with lots of places to climb and with a private dark area to hide and sleep in as well. The clear walls of the structure allow every cat to see outside. We tried other pensions before we found the Chatil de Lomagne. We'd return from a trip and our cat would take several days to detraumatize. With Jennifer she settles in and is at home. Our cat has twice stayed for periods of two months, with no lingering stress.

For Mita of the Kershner family from Alberquerque

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Please leave a message if no one picks up and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Please note that all visits are strictly by appointment only.

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